60 Degrees in February?

Today in sunny Bensalem PA it is a beautiful 65 degrees F! Thanks global warming! So naturally I had to take the tiger out for a spin. Not ironically it is supposed to snow 6 inches tomorrow morning, go figure! So best to get out while I can and go for a ride. Todays trip

Best ride yet on the Tiger

Hello everyone! Slim here from the Philadelphia region reporting on my most recent ride on my beloved 2017 tiger 800 xrx. It’s a semi-chilly 40 degrees with overcast today as I departed on a nice ride around the loop. My goal today was to get more familiar with the balance of the bike, as well

First ride on the Tiger 800

Today I took my first ride on my brand new 2017 tiger 800 xrx. I have been saving and planning on getting this bike since the beginning of summer 2016 when I started motorcycle riding on my honda shadow. Not long after learning the basics and getting used to the shadow, I realized that I

Pre-Fathers day pork butt

If you know me, you know that I love BBQ. I love both eating BBQ and making BBQ. Last night/this morning I cooked a double pack of pork butts from costco. Check out my post on smokingmeatforums Slims Pork Guide

MotoVlog 6/15/2016

Hello world, hope you enjoy more of my nonsensical motorcycle riding and talking about rubbish! Slim motoVlog 20160615 1 Bensalem to Morrisville Slim motoVlog 20160615 2 Bensalem to Morrisville Slim motoVlog 20160615 3 Morrisville to Bensalem Slim motoVlog 20160615 4 Morrisville to Bensalem

Motovlog 6/11/2016

This is my second time out with my gopro on my helmet. This time I changed my settings to 720P S. I still haven’t addressed the issue with the camera swinging out away from the helmet but I just keep checking it every once in a while and push it back against my helmet with

First Motovlog

After getting my gopro helmet setup finished (Click here for GoPro helmet setup post), I took a short ride to test everything out. Bike: 2005 Honda Shadow 600 Helmet: Shoei Neotec Jacket: Tour Master Coaster 3 Leather Jacket Vest: spidi-certified-hi-vis-vest Pants: drayko-renegade-riding-jeans First of all, the camera kept swinging out to the right no matter

Shoei Neotec GoPro Setup

Today is a big day in my household, the kids are asleep and I have finally received all of the components to mount my new GoPro hero 4 silver to my Shoei Neotec helmet! I’ve been waiting impatiently for a long time to get a gopro and to get this setup so I can get