Today in sunny Bensalem PA it is a beautiful 65 degrees F! Thanks global warming! So naturally I had to take the tiger out for a spin. Not ironically it is supposed to snow 6 inches tomorrow morning, go figure! So best to get out while I can and go for a ride. Todays trip was spent with a little less talking (you’re welcome) and more attention to acceleration control and balance control.

here is the video from my ride

Part I Video

Part II Video

The two main gripes I have with the tiger are:

  1. The angle of the footpeg to the shift lever is not optimal for high toed boots. Even with adjusting the height of the lever, it does not feel natural and is a pain in the ass to shift propertly without moving my foot around all kinds of weird angles.
  2. The “top heaviness” of the bike makes it a chore to move around at low speeds without feeling like it’s going to tip over. This probably has to do with me only being 150 lbs and having chicken legs, but none-the-less it isn’t a great feeling.

The awesome points (among many more) are:

  1. Accelerating between 4000 and 6000 rpm is instant, the torque is perfect in this range.
  2. the balance it nice in turns at speed
  3. the wind does not push the bike around at all
  4. the windshield does a good enough job at moving the wind around me. Even though I have some buffeting at higher speeds when windy, it does not effect my riding whatsoever.
  5. The suspension seems close to on the money. I think some may argue it could have a little more travel if they want to offroad or deal with large potholes, but I would argue it’s not worth losing the slight stiffness necessary for cornering at higher speeds. But triumph could solve this by having an option for fully adjustable suspension.

Well that’s it for today, hope you were able to get out and ride on this sunny warm Feb day!

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