Hello everyone!

Slim here from the Philadelphia region reporting on my most recent ride on my beloved 2017 tiger 800 xrx. It’s a semi-chilly 40 degrees with overcast today as I departed on a nice ride around the loop. My goal today was to get more familiar with the balance of the bike, as well as test out the shift lever adjustment I made (lowering it) following my last ride. After I lugged and pushed the 500 lb motorcycle out of the garage and through the mud in my yard I settled in and went for a spin. Another change I made was configuring the GoPro for 1080 superwide instead of 720p wide. Enjoy the three part video series below, in Part II I get to chase a honda civic for a little and at the end of Part II into Part III I get on woodhaven Rd to test out the bike at higher speed. Have a good one!

Video Part I
Video Part II
Video Part III

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