Today I took my first ride on my brand new 2017 tiger 800 xrx. I have been saving and planning on getting this bike since the beginning of summer 2016 when I started motorcycle riding on my honda shadow. Not long after learning the basics and getting used to the shadow, I realized that I wanted more than just a small cruiser that only has 4 gears and no windscreen. Prior to today I only took her for a ride around the block to test her out and also raised the gear shift lever so i could fit my new riding boots under it. Below I comment on this and some of the noticeable differences between the two bikes I have had. My GoPro mount has come a little loose again due to loss of the electrical tape hack that was holding the camera from swinging out, so I apologize if the camera swings out to the right during the ride.

52 degrees and windy during this ride, enjoy!

Video Part I

Video Part II

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  1. Mark Atwell (aka UncaBuddha)


    Nice! Good choice of bike. Maybe we should meet somewhere halfway and have a ride, I’m in Louisville!

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