After getting my gopro helmet setup finished (Click here for GoPro helmet setup post), I took a short ride to test everything out.

Bike: 2005 Honda Shadow 600
Helmet: Shoei Neotec
Jacket: Tour Master Coaster 3 Leather Jacket
Vest: spidi-certified-hi-vis-vest
Pants: drayko-renegade-riding-jeans

First of all, the camera kept swinging out to the right no matter how tight I tried to get the screws. I’m thinking about tethering the camera after it’s positioned so it doesn’t swing, so the first video has some off to the side camera angle that isn’t so great, but overall it worked nicely.

The sony mic works great inside my helmet, the wires are a little annoying since I need extra wire slack in order to open my helmet to get it on and off my head, with a full non-modular helmet this wouldn’t be an issue.

I am also using the gopro remote on my wrist to start and stop recording so I don’t need to take my phone out while riding which makes it much safer and easier to know that I’m recording.

This is my first motovlog so stay tuned

Part I Video

Part II Video

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